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Here are some links that I would like to share with you all.

TenPearls - The company I founded in 2004

Get Quick SEO - A subsidiary of TenPearls offering Search Engine Optimization

Pakistan Shining – A portal I run about Pakistan that has an archive of all authentic postive news about that country. I believe in always looking at the positive side of things, and since I was born in Pakistan, I am passionate about “lighting the candle, instead of cursing the darkness”.

eRaffle – This is one of TenPearls’ customers. This is a very cool concept. We built this comprehensive platform with minimal requirements, and on a very tight schedule. The client is doing extremely well and getting excellent traction. I predict it’s only a matter of time before eRaffle gets bought out. BTW, this is a compliment to the founders of this company, and should not be taken negatively :)

Dialogues for Peace and Unity Production Foundation – This is one of my favorite clients based on what their mission is. Fostering interfaith dialogues, inter-community tolerance and understanding is extremely important. It is only through dialogues and communication that we will ever make this world a safer place for our future generations. UPF does some amazing work in this field.

SendWiz - an extremely useful application platform that we helped one of our customer launch. The customer is a pleasure to work with and continues to amaze us with his relentless focus.

ReachLocal - a cool company with an amazing business model. This company is going to make it big. Keep an eye on it. And if you want to use the internet to market your services, give them a call. They add a different dimension to paid advertising.

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