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Best way to keep your job

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The best way to keep your job is not to hog onto the knowledge you have, but the other way around, i.e., sharing that information/ knowledge with others. People may think that the best way to survive layoffs or grow within an organization is to guard the knowledge they have  or to mystify the processes they perform on a day-to-day basis. This approach may be successful in large, bureaucratic organizations, but it has no place in a competitive, growing company. The reality is that management looks at individuals who keep information to themselves, and not share and provide visibility to others, as impediments to growth. In most cases, these people either get removed or have their roles curtailed.

The recipee to success is to be open about one’s knowledge and be willing to provide full visibility to others. It may seem that by adopting that approach, one could make themselves prime target for downsizing, but to the contrary. Individuals who are able to document and stream-line their daily activities are more likely to be successful. Management views them as elements of success and will shift greater responsibility towards these individuals. Getting the job done is most important, but allowing others to understand how it is done is priceless. It doesn’t rob one off earning the due credit; it only helps them climb up corporate ladders even faster.   

April 20, 2008   |   Posted by Imran Aftab


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