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If you’re an entrepreneur, there is a high probability that you will suffer early setbacks and may fail in your initial sales call, investor presentation, or employee recruitment. In fact, a break through may not come for some time, sapping your already spent energy. The easy thing to do is to hang the towel and call it a day. But if you have taken the plunge to be an entrepreneur, the right thing to do is get back on your feet, learn from your errors, and try again. Success may only be a few yards away. It is a commonly known fact that on average it takes approximately 13 interactions before the interaction turns into a transaction. Most salesman quit at interaction number 7, not understanding that most probably the reason why the prospect has not returned their phone call or email is because they are busy at work, and not because they want to play “hard to get”. Building a business from scratch is not easy, as it involves creating value out of nothing, which is surely a back breaking process. It is important to be consistent and not diverge from the path. Remember, you fail only when you quit!

February 20, 2008   |   Posted by Imran Aftab


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