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Importance of Small Transactions/ Customers


One should never underestimate the importance of smaller transactions/ customer when starting a business. Most entrepreneuers do not ever get off the ground waiting for that one big deal, or the perfect idea in the hopes of hitting one out of the park. Sales is always going to be key component of a start-up’s business plan. The quicker one can land customers and generate sales activity, the better it is for them and their potential investors. More importantly, smaller transactions do help in keeping operational costs in the black, while keeping the operational arm well oiled and engaged, until that big deal is landed. Some of the smaller customers do actually end being longer lasting and more profitable customers, as they expand their business based on their success.

The analogy that is of relevance here is that of baseball or cricket. In cricket, it is recommended to keep the score board ticking through low-key, less risky shots, before launching out to hit the lose bowler for maximum. Similarly, in baseball, it is important to keep moving the base runner and load the bases before sending your pinch hitter to hit one out of the park.

February 17, 2008   |   Posted by Imran Aftab


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