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creativity through process

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It almost seems an oxymoron to talk about creativity and process at the same time, as one typically negates the other. However, the truth is that often creativity is an iterative process.  How often have we seen writers tear up mulitple pages, before they really settle on writing, or how often does the artist start anew until they find that perfect start.  Some gifted creative professionals can go through the iterative proces in their heads without needing to ink or materialize their vision.

In the world of GUI and design, the ideal design is achieved through numerous renditions/ iterations which take time. It is unrealistic to expect a highly creative/ perfect GUI in a short period of time, specially if the vision keeps changing or is not clear. Factor in strong branding guidelines and the personal likes/ dislikes of the customer, coupled with the designer’s own creative take- this whole creative process could be very frustrating.

The best approach is to allow sufficient time for the design process, have lots of patience, and not make judgements about anything until the final product is delivered. In cases where there is very little flexibility with time, one has to compromise on quality.

March 15, 2008   |     Comments(0)   |   Posted by: Imran Aftab

No excuses for an unprofessional web presence anymore

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The web is the most economical channel that a business can have to market and/or sell their services/products. Not only is it available 24/7, it is also accessible by anyone from any place as long as they have internet access. Businesses who do not have a professional web presence are not only missing out on an opportunity to leverage this efficient sales and marketing channel, they are also arguably doing “disservice” to their own company. The Economist in an article a couple of years back stated that a less than professional website is worse than not having a website at all. There is no tolerance for a site that is difficult to load, or is not pleasing to the eyes. In some ways, it reflects the business’ attitude towards quality and service. Read on…

February 20, 2008   |     Comments(0)   |   Posted by: Imran Aftab
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