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creativity through process

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It almost seems an oxymoron to talk about creativity and process at the same time, as one typically negates the other. However, the truth is that often creativity is an iterative process.  How often have we seen writers tear up mulitple pages, before they really settle on writing, or how often does the artist start anew until they find that perfect start.  Some gifted creative professionals can go through the iterative proces in their heads without needing to ink or materialize their vision.

In the world of GUI and design, the ideal design is achieved through numerous renditions/ iterations which take time. It is unrealistic to expect a highly creative/ perfect GUI in a short period of time, specially if the vision keeps changing or is not clear. Factor in strong branding guidelines and the personal likes/ dislikes of the customer, coupled with the designer’s own creative take- this whole creative process could be very frustrating.

The best approach is to allow sufficient time for the design process, have lots of patience, and not make judgements about anything until the final product is delivered. In cases where there is very little flexibility with time, one has to compromise on quality.

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SEO is Search Engine Optimization and SEM is Search Engine Marketing, often referred to as pay per click/ sponsored search advertising.  SEO is a process that enables websites to “come up” on the first few pages of search engines, such as Yahoo, MSN and Google, when a person searches for certain key phrases. SEM is the process by which a company/user may choose to pay a certain amount to have their site listed in a specific area of the search results.  SEO typically take more time, and one see results form 2 months to 12 months.  To find out more how SEO is accomplished, please visit

SEM is also an effective strategy, and can have a good ROI if one has a clean, nice looking website that will convert visitors into leads. No amount SEM can help a website that is unprofessionally developed as the visit/click generated by SEM will result in the visitor bouncing off and not taking the company seriously. 

In most cases, it is often a good idea for companies to invest in both SEM and SEO.  SEM generates excellent traffic immediately. That traffic could be leveraged to accomplish SEO as traffic plays a key role in optmizing the site. 

March 1, 2008   |     Comments(0)   |   Posted by: Imran Aftab
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