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SEO is Search Engine Optimization and SEM is Search Engine Marketing, often referred to as pay per click/ sponsored search advertising.  SEO is a process that enables websites to “come up” on the first few pages of search engines, such as Yahoo, MSN and Google, when a person searches for certain key phrases. SEM is the process by which a company/user may choose to pay a certain amount to have their site listed in a specific area of the search results.  SEO typically take more time, and one see results form 2 months to 12 months.  To find out more how SEO is accomplished, please visit

SEM is also an effective strategy, and can have a good ROI if one has a clean, nice looking website that will convert visitors into leads. No amount SEM can help a website that is unprofessionally developed as the visit/click generated by SEM will result in the visitor bouncing off and not taking the company seriously. 

In most cases, it is often a good idea for companies to invest in both SEM and SEO.  SEM generates excellent traffic immediately. That traffic could be leveraged to accomplish SEO as traffic plays a key role in optmizing the site. 

March 1, 2008   |     Comments(0)   |   Posted by: Imran Aftab
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